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Welcome to the best website on the web for Candy Crush Saga players. Whether you’re a new player looking to get unstuck, or a seasoned pro who just needs that little hint that will get you past that insanely difficult level (we’re looking at you Candy Crush level 90!), this website has it all. Our team of dedicated Candy Crush players have worked day and night to gather the most up to date cheats, hints, tips and solution videos for all 500 levels of Candy Crush Saga. It doesn’t matter one sweet bit that you play on the iPhone, iPad, iPod, or iWhatever! Doesn’t matter if you play on Android or Facebook. We have the cheats and solutions you need!

So this all sounds good you’re thinking…where do I start? Well, you can start by using our user friendly navigation to the left hand side. We’ve broken this site down into easy to use chunks for users who need to quickly access the right level. For example, we have one master category that is labeled “Candy Crush All Levels”. This category is for those who want to start from the beginning any work their way up the chart. Next, we have our levels broken down by chunks of 100. For example if you choose “Candy Crush Level 200-300″, you’ll be shown a list of levels between 200 and 300. Finally, we’ve gathered user data and have determined the most popular (read: the most difficult levels) which we dedicated extra resources and time to. This is to ensure users who are stuck on those levels have the maximum amount of tips and help they can use to clear that level. On a side note, for extreme beginners we have a dedicated section called Candy Crush Guide that we’ve included below. This will simply walk you through the basics of this insanely addictive game! Happy Candy Crushing!

Candy Crush Guide (a quick walkthrough for beginners)

Candy Crush Saga is a match type game similar to other popular games such as Bejeweled! The game was created by King. Since its inception, Candy Crush Saga has dominated the charts for all platforms it has released on. The basics of the game is to simply match 3 or more same type candies together to bust them. Each level you encounter will have different requirements to beat the level. For example, in certain levels, players must bust enough candies to obtain a certain score. In other levels, players must obtain a certain score while destroying all types of a jelly. Yet another type is time attack where users must reach objective goals all within a certain time constraint. Players are given 5 lives to start. Every time a player is unable to clear a board or repeats a level, one life is deducted. The only way to refill lives are to

Purchase a full set of lives for 99 cents
Wait 30 minutes to refill one life
*note: you can also spend money on boosters which are essentially powers that you can use to clear boards quickly.
The game is entirely free to play. There are currently 500 levels, but new levels are constantly being added by King.

Candy Crush Saga is easy to pick up and starts off slowly to allow users to learn the basics. Once users are hooked, the difficulty level skyrockets quickly! Have no fear though, you have this site to help you with all of your Candy Crush needs.